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Thursday, October 20 2016

Food vs Decoy: Which is Better During Snow Goose Hunting

When hunting, there are two items that we tend to use in order to make our hunting a more effective task to do: food and decoy. Food used to lure animals are a well-known type of trap that can help you attract and eventually capture animals since animals tend to eat food for the sake of survival. At the same time, decoys are also a good way to attract animals as it gives them a way to find out that the place really is safe because there are “animals” like them that are staying in the area for too long.

However, there are differences between the two if you want to observe it, and at the same time provide you a better way to find out which one is more effective when doing a snow goose hunting session. Here are the following differences of the two hunting items based on some important factors:

As a Trap

Geese, especially during the end of their season, are known to have good intelligence. If you use a food as a trap, there is a high chance of them noticing that it’s laid there for them to get captured, and might fly away since that trap might not look “natural” on the place where they often land. On the other hand, decoys can be a perfect item to use when hunting, especially if you have one that looks realistic to them.


The food products that you can purchase for geese can be cheap compared to choosing decoys - which comes in a wide price range depending on its quality. As for the food, you can simply choose greens like cabbage, cauliflowers, carrots, lettuce and potatoes. These food items are not that expensive, and you can even farm them yourself if you have the capability to do it. You can even go for food pellets, but might make them notice that it’s a trap.

These are the two major factors that differentiate decoys and food as a means to hunt geese. All you have to do is to decide well on what to choose based on its effectiveness, price, and your own preference because the two of them have been effective traps for many years already.

Wednesday, October 19 2016

What are your hobbies?

You might often get this question quite often in casual conversations or in cases when you meet someone knew and this is something which can also create a lot of topics because it is broad and general. It makes you want to open up more and talk about yourself as you interact with other people and at the same time, allow them to ask you more and share their ideas and opinions with you as well. You get to know more about each other and sometimes, even find out that you both share the same kind of hobbies.

One of the common hobbies by far is watching movies which I'm sure you are also into. Many people do like to watch movies whether they are old or young. From different kinds of movie genres, movies make them feel good and make them feel relaxed which is really a good way to do as well especially when you have had a busy week and you needed some time off to rest and relax. For most, it is great and way even better to go to cinemas and watch movies because the feel of having to watch a movie in big screen makes the experience entirely different and better. But, we also have to consider that movie tickets are kinds of increasing in price as well especially when you chose to watch a movie in 3D and other features cinemas have which are often really tempting you to watch. Spending on watching a movie is nothing compared to the work you have in the office but then again it can be a bit expensive at times and if you are a movie buff, you will need to be on a budget.

Good news is, you can now have Watch movies online through their website.